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  • The title is apt on two counts - firstly - November's 'Remember, Remember, the fifth of November...'  and of course the image I've uploaded - remember the little Panettone? It's always been a firm favourite at Christmas time, so I thought I'd post a pic!

    The holiday in 'The Loire' was perfectly lovely; and I think I over did it indluging in one of my passions - Macaron... MmMmmmmm... so many wonderful little Patisseries, in many, many of the pretty villages - I couldn't resist, having them fresh and in France was manna from heaven! A fraction of the cost of them here too, I might add - so unfair LoL...

    As I said on my home page - this new website means I haven't used its online store before, so thank you for your patience whilst I try to get to grips with it! I really do hope it's soon though...

    Anyhow, it's the build up to my next show; and yes - there will be Christmas Foodie Goodies on offer as always!

    1:12 Artisan Bakery Style, Christmas Panettone!

    Miniature Food Panettone for Dolls House, Carol Cook, Miniature Food Artist

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