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  • I've enjoyed this last summer, even if it's been busier than I would normally expect for the time of year - but enjoyable all the same. The last few Autumns, leaves seemed to have stayed greener for longer, perhaps this too could be a victim of the 'must be global warming' scenario. Autumn leaves I've noticed sometimes staying green almost up until they fall from the tree, in so doing I miss the variety of those warm, rich ochres to reds. It was twenty degrees C mid afternoon Saturday and yet it hasn't stop pouring with rain today, British Weather never ceases to amaze me...

    A strange fact popped up for me to read that I thought I'd share... "21st September, 1915. Stonehenge was sold at auction to Mr. C. H. Chubb for £6,600 as a present for his wife. Mr Chubb presented it to the nation three years later as his wife didn't think it suited her." Lucky for us I say! It's a shame it's so close to that awful and busy road; and that you can't get anywhere near it anymore. I'm reliably informed that if you have a good enough reason - you can book to walk in and around it... Mmmmmm, what's the chances of that for a mere mortal like me I wonder?

    Anyhow, I  have been working hard with my webpages; and just finishing for the day, tomorrow hopefully, my archive gallery will be uploaded. I've had enough for today though now...

    Last month I was approached by a Media Company in London to create miniature 'Penne' without sauce?! Strange request, but I was quite pleased with the result - even if sauceless!

    Bye for now...

    Carol Cook, Miniature Penne, Miniature Food


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