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  • I really hope that isn't all the summer we are going to get - it's been such fair weather the past few weeks and now it's tipping it down!

    Just trying to catch up with online 'stuff' after a very busy time. After being invited to the Chicago International last Autumn, plus other shows on the run-up - and then of course Kensington Summer Festival was so close to the Chicago show - I just worked and worked and worked... My husband wanted to make a holiday of the Chicago trip, so we didn't arrive home until the Monday evening before setting out Thursday afternoon for Kensington!! It's been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. I needed to take time out, so had last week to myself, then started back into it properly, Wednesday. Although I'm still busy, I am going to enjoy the nice gap up until my next show in December, which is of course the Kensington Christmas Festival. Love that show!

    I'm attaching an image of a Jens Torp solid silver pedestal bowl, which I was asked to add fruit, but that the fruit could actually come out in one piece, not loose, all bonded together - bit of a task - but so worth it don't you think? Not wanting to overpower the beautiful bowl, I wanted to give my fruit that understated look, leaving the exquisite piece by Jens to steal the show. Hope you like it - the Collector who owns it was thrilled. Especially as the whole of the fruit comes out in one piece! Cool...

    Have a great Bank Holiday weekend!

    12th Miniature Fruit Carol Cook, Silver Pedestal Bowl Jens Corp

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