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  • I'm often asked about my own dolls houses, I have seven at the moment, I did go down to five a couple of years ago, then the Manor House - it was way too big; and so I had it in mind to ask my poor husband to chop the end off!! at 56 inches - it had too big a footprint and the end section was crying out to be cut off and converted to a cottage - honest! Anyway, thats just what we did towards the end of last year. Can't believe I'm referring to 2017 as last year. I also acquired a Sid Cooke in December, I'd always wanted one and have been looking for some time being as they are no longer available, so there you go - seven...

    The image shows the two that 'live' on display downstairs; they are by Mike Marsden, Yesteryear Homes. 'Merrydown Market' is my favourite, its been kept in its Tudor style; and the longer Manor House is called 'Chalfont Manor' this is the one thats had the end section cut off so I have a cottage at long last!

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