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  • I'm still chipping away at getting this new website together, spending time here when I can - trying to get an archival gallery of the images that were on my old site together (amongst other things) she says eye's rolling...

    My Online Store should be back up and running early to mid-September, it's creating and cataloguing images that takes a big chunk of time up - I'd forgotten how long if I'm honest! But I'm getting there as the saying goes.

    Thought I'd add an image of the one of the strawberries for this summer (that's nearly over!) - It shows how small and the extreme detail - each strawberry top is cut individually by hand - all of my strawbs were sold at Summer Kensington Dollshouse Festival - I just have the 'planter' I created left - not often I get to display one of my little pieces outisde one of my own houses! Enjoying seeing it I must admit. ANyhow, here's the teeny tiny strawberry; and I'll catch up again soon...

    1:12 Wild English Strawberry

    Carol Cook, Miniature Food, Strawberry

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    Blue Skies... 12 August 2015 | Comments (0)

    You all know that I 'do' everything myself, which means it's me that has to do my website too. It needed to change and I thought I'd publish a few pages to start with, then get the rest together by the end of this month - and what a beautiful August it is so far! Not a cloud in the sky here today in Yorkshire, absolutely glorious...

    My online store will be back up and running too for those who can't get to the shows, so hopefully that's an incentive for a return visit?

    Anyhow, rather than sit here writing, I can be getting on with the rest of my site...

    Back soon!

    New! 1:12 Modern Day 'Jar of Marmite'

    Carol Cook Marmite

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