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  • The back garden is just full of varying 'upcoming' berries... most prominent being the Pyracantha, it's absolutely full - the blackbirds will have a field day when they are ripe! I always remember someone saying that loads of berries means a bad winter, hopefully not like this last one though; and didn't it drag on?

    Anyway, there is also a sixty plus years old gooseberry bush, full of goosegogs, not ripe enough to pick yet though... thought I'd post a pic of my tiny faux 'Preserved Gooseberries' jar, love these. I have three in stock I think, really need to get my head around my online store, I have no excuses other than I need to complete a couple of commissions. One is another fruit display in a solid silver creation. The pineapple I normally create - I've decided to work it in a completely different way, once I'm happy - it will atop the display - I'll keep you posted...

    Another task, my husband bought me a new iPad, the old one was 2012 and can no longer be updated, thus making it an absolute pain with any online stuff. In doing so, my older emails from the webmail, haven't come through! It'll be something I'm doing, I'm sure - but, if you are waiting to hear from me, could you please give me a nudge? That would be most helpful, thank you.

    miniaturist, gooseberries, dolls house, fake food, carol cook,

    I've recently set up a Facebook Business Page; and started uploading a few images to Instagram too if you would like to 'click and follow' - as I said, these are relatively new...


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    Hello! 25 May 2018 | Comments (0)

    I really hope that isn't all the summer we are going to get - it's been such fair weather the past few weeks and now it's tipping it down!

    Just trying to catch up with online 'stuff' after a very busy time. After being invited to the Chicago International last Autumn, plus other shows on the run-up - and then of course Kensington Summer Festival was so close to the Chicago show - I just worked and worked and worked... My husband wanted to make a holiday of the Chicago trip, so we didn't arrive home until the Monday evening before setting out Thursday afternoon for Kensington!! It's been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. I needed to take time out, so had last week to myself, then started back into it properly, Wednesday. Although I'm still busy, I am going to enjoy the nice gap up until my next show in December, which is of course the Kensington Christmas Festival. Love that show!

    I'm attaching an image of a Jens Torp solid silver pedestal bowl, which I was asked to add fruit, but that the fruit could actually come out in one piece, not loose, all bonded together - bit of a task - but so worth it don't you think? Not wanting to overpower the beautiful bowl, I wanted to give my fruit that understated look, leaving the exquisite piece by Jens to steal the show. Hope you like it - the Collector who owns it was thrilled. Especially as the whole of the fruit comes out in one piece! Cool...

    Have a great Bank Holiday weekend!

    12th Miniature Fruit Carol Cook, Silver Pedestal Bowl Jens Corp

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    I'm often asked about my own dolls houses, I have seven at the moment, I did go down to five a couple of years ago, then the Manor House - it was way too big; and so I had it in mind to ask my poor husband to chop the end off!! at 56 inches - it had too big a footprint and the end section was crying out to be cut off and converted to a cottage - honest! Anyway, thats just what we did towards the end of last year. Can't believe I'm referring to 2017 as last year. I also acquired a Sid Cooke in December, I'd always wanted one and have been looking for some time being as they are no longer available, so there you go - seven...

    The image shows the two that 'live' on display downstairs; they are by Mike Marsden, Yesteryear Homes. 'Merrydown Market' is my favourite, its been kept in its Tudor style; and the longer Manor House is called 'Chalfont Manor' this is the one thats had the end section cut off so I have a cottage at long last!

    Dolls House Yesteryear Homes Chalfont Manor Merrydown Market Carol Cook


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    I realise it's been a while since I came to say 'hi'...

    What's been happening?... Well, the best thing that's happened is this new PC! Yayyy! The old one was around fifteen years old - my husband had it built for me; and it was no longer up to date in so, so many ways, that at some point you know you just have to let go. I still have it, as I am slowly moving all the stuff from one to another, when time allows. This one is a dream! It also means that at some point, I'll be able to get my online store back up and running - the old PC just didn't want to 'play' anymore; and became just about impossible to use when it came to updating my web and such like.

    Mini-wise - I'm currently creating a small batch of Tudor 'meats', the ones that fit on Sussex Craft spits; and after that I will be picking up where I left off with my planned new creations... I'm going to be a tease and not tell you what they are!! A little complex, but hopefully worthwhile; and when I'm happy with the results - you will be the first to see...

    Here's an oldie but goodie... Sorry - I cannot take orders on the little box of cupcakes at present.

    Bye for now!

    Fake Food, Dolls House, Carol Cook, Miniature Food Artist

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    I can't believe how quickly this year is passing by - from one Christmas to the next - where does it go? I'm currently 'juggling' orders/commissions; and therefore cannot start any more until June - you're welcome to email me to discuss any requirements, but I won't be able to consider starting any further enquiries until June... Ive just too much to do miniatures-wise at present... phew!

    Thought I'd show you some teeny tiny shoes I was asked to create alongside the ever-popular 'single toggle latchett' shoes and a belt with accessories - quite a task - but well worth it!

    Gosh, I've just thought, Easter will be here before we know it...

    Tudor / Medieval Shoes

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