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  • Before I forget, I have an extra show in 2020, at last! I’ll be exhibiting at IGMA’s Guild Show next September, looking forward to it!


    I guess you’re all wondering where on earth I’ve been regarding my blog - well - to cut to the chase, over a year ago, my former website host company was bought by a bigger one. Since that time, nothing has worked as it should, or isn’t working at all in some instances, especially when I want to write more than a few sentences, or do updates and the like. I’m having to write this elsewhere and hope that when I cut and paste into my website blog, that it works! If I sit and update my blog directly into my builder package, it fails miserably. Uploading images fails too. When I click on the ‘help’ section, it boldly says “this hosting is no longer supported”!! Yet, they are happy to take my money. I’m paying for an online store, as I always did - but because Google decided that any website without ‘SSL’ would be displayed as ‘Not Secure’ - who on earth will want to buy from me? Yes, I know when you’re redirected to my PayPal account to pay, that is secure, however, I’m put off myself from buying anything from a website that displays ‘Not Secure’ in the url box! I can’t expect that anyone would want to buy only from my website given its status courtesy of Google.


    The other annoying part - the current host suggested and actually let me purchase ‘SSL’ so that I could have a padlock in my url… when I asked for it to be installed - they said they couldn’t install it because my website was a ‘legacy account’!! I’m still waiting for it to be refunded since June. I asked if they would refund the cost of my package if I went elsewhere; and they said no, they could only give me credit towards my current package with them. I still find this extremely upsetting, unfair; and downright highway robbery on their part, in a catch 22 situation, there is absolutely nothing I can do, apart from set up another package with them; and that’s exactly what they want me to do. Whether I do so or not when this years runs out, is a decision I need to make.


    Anyway, that’s my moaning over… I can’t believe December is here; and that Christmas 2019 is almost upon us! Hopefully you’re all ready and don’t need to shop until you drop - I just need a few bits and pieces, I have a couple of orders to ship this week, then I can relax a little on the run-up. If this works, (I don’t know why I haven’t tried it before), then I’ll pop by with seasonal greetings…


    ...working so far... let's click "save'...


     My Instagram, thanks if you follow me...


    1:24 Gingerbread House on a wrapped candy/chocolate...

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    Yes, Happy New Year to you all; and, I hope it's a peaceful and joyous and healthy one!

    I haven't posted for a while, there have been problems with the 'new' owners of the website service I use, more or less started when they took over last Spring!! and then I couldnt upload images, they didnt know why... it went on for three weeks... I got tired of emails batting to and fro... you know the story - they still give the appearane and presence as though they are still here in the UK, when in fact they are not! They even took my website down whilst I was in Chicago and couldn't do a thiing about it until my return... I was boiling at the time. I occasionally get emails saying 'oops we made a mistake' - I kid you not, but I'm thinking at this stage it's better the devil you know as they say, even if they are half way around the world from me...

    I was ill over the Christmas Holidays, still have a cough, but back to work with avengence last week ready for this year's shows and commissions/orders. On that note though, I'm booked up until May; and preferably after the Kensington Summer Festival if you're thinking of contacting me, thank you.

    My next show is in a few weeks time at the City of London Dollshouse Festival, 3rd February. It's a nice show and I like it, it has a different feel to Kensington and well worth a visit - details are on my 'Show Schedule' page.

    I found this lovely image whilst having a root around, my macro's gone caput and I need to replace it asap, just studying my options at present, which means images are a bit thin on the ground until it's replaced!


    Miniature Food, Fake Food, Carol Cook Miniaturist, Shabby Vintage Kitchen Table

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    I know I always have a quick chat about the weather... but wow! I think I've practically melted each afternoon these past few weeks! It's definitely slowed me down mini making!

    Both lawns, front and back look like great big pieces of coconut matting, rather than the usual emerald green - and usually quite lush given our Yorkshire weather. Clear blue skies each day... unbelievable... no doubt when it does rain, it will be thunderous lightning battles above and on the horizons, then the inevitable flash flooding as always when we get this kind of drought.

    Well, I said I'd keep you posted on the pineapples; and all is good - but I will wait until I have a display put together, or kindly post an image of the current commissioned silver fruit filled bowl, if I obtain permission - these newer versions of my pineapples are so much better though! much more detailed, anyway enough of me being a tease...

    I bought some Japanese Clay to try out; and eagerly await it's arrival, I'm guessing it'll be another week before I get to play. I'm often asked what type of clay I use - mainly Fimo, I do use Sculpey Primo too for a different end result, as I find it has a different texture after curing. I can only describe it by saying Fimo is smoother, very very slightly waxier when I use it - whereby Sculpey seems to be more chalky and slightly less soft when sculpting. I have some Kato too, I havent tried it yet though, I need to experiment with it. I need to know the end result before anything is available for collectors... experiment I shall, when time allows.

    That's it for today and I'm sharing a little bit of fun I had with some Parsley Pots last Autumn, bye for now and prepare for rain haha!

    carol cook miniaturist, miniature food, fake food, food artist, 12th, 1:12, dolls house        

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    The back garden is just full of varying 'upcoming' berries... most prominent being the Pyracantha, it's absolutely full - the blackbirds will have a field day when they are ripe! I always remember someone saying that loads of berries means a bad winter, hopefully not like this last one though; and didn't it drag on?

    Anyway, there is also a sixty plus years old gooseberry bush, full of goosegogs, not ripe enough to pick yet though... thought I'd post a pic of my tiny faux 'Preserved Gooseberries' jar, love these. I have three in stock I think, really need to get my head around my online store, I have no excuses other than I need to complete a couple of commissions. One is another fruit display in a solid silver creation. The pineapple I normally create - I've decided to work it in a completely different way, once I'm happy - it will atop the display - I'll keep you posted...

    Another task, my husband bought me a new iPad, the old one was 2012 and can no longer be updated, thus making it an absolute pain with any online stuff. In doing so, my older emails from the webmail, haven't come through! It'll be something I'm doing, I'm sure - but, if you are waiting to hear from me, could you please give me a nudge? That would be most helpful, thank you.

    miniaturist, gooseberries, dolls house, fake food, carol cook,

    I've recently set up a Facebook Business Page; and started uploading a few images to Instagram too if you would like to 'click and follow' - as I said, these are relatively new...


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    Hello! 25 May 2018 | Comments (0)

    I really hope that isn't all the summer we are going to get - it's been such fair weather the past few weeks and now it's tipping it down!

    Just trying to catch up with online 'stuff' after a very busy time. After being invited to the Chicago International last Autumn, plus other shows on the run-up - and then of course Kensington Summer Festival was so close to the Chicago show - I just worked and worked and worked... My husband wanted to make a holiday of the Chicago trip, so we didn't arrive home until the Monday evening before setting out Thursday afternoon for Kensington!! It's been a bit of a whirlwind to say the least. I needed to take time out, so had last week to myself, then started back into it properly, Wednesday. Although I'm still busy, I am going to enjoy the nice gap up until my next show in December, which is of course the Kensington Christmas Festival. Love that show!

    I'm attaching an image of a Jens Torp solid silver pedestal bowl, which I was asked to add fruit, but that the fruit could actually come out in one piece, not loose, all bonded together - bit of a task - but so worth it don't you think? Not wanting to overpower the beautiful bowl, I wanted to give my fruit that understated look, leaving the exquisite piece by Jens to steal the show. Hope you like it - the Collector who owns it was thrilled. Especially as the whole of the fruit comes out in one piece! Cool...

    Have a great Bank Holiday weekend!

    12th Miniature Fruit Carol Cook, Silver Pedestal Bowl Jens Corp

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